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In this section you will find helpful instructional videos demonstrating the various exercise programs that Dr. Bacon has personally designed to accompany your chiropractic treatments. These video links are exclusive to this site and can only be accessed from this page. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these exercises, please consult Dr. Bacon.

1. Beginning Fulcrum Exercises: https://www.youtub  e.com/watch?v=pTd6WrNDdis 

2. Introduction to Wobble Seat Exercises: http://youtu.be/aBkOdH7B2hY

3. Joint Lubrication Exercises: http://youtu.be/j2awmhTuJ4I

4. Dynamic Neck Traction Exercises: http://youtu.be/SPWXVGQ16Aw


Portable Neck Fulcrum instructional videos, including the additional head strap attachment:

1. The Portable Neck Fulcrum Part 1: Introduction -


2. The Portable Neck Fulcrum Part 2: How The Exercises Work -


3. The Portable Neck Fulcrum Part 3: Seated Exercises -


4. The Portable Neck Fulcrum Part 4: Standing Exercises -


5. "Part B" of The Portable Neck Fulcrum Device: The Head Strap Accessory -



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